THE BOY CALLED HEDGE s a singer-songwriter project of Bernhard Mueller, Cologne, Germany.
Since the beginning of the 80s he makes home-recorded electronic music. In 1982, with his brother Martin and friend Norbert he formed the band SCHWARZER FREITAG. They later released two songs on two rare NDW record samplers.

On this site you can hear samples of his new German Synth Pop material.
His music is influenced by David Bowie, Human League, Heaven17, Depeche Mode, Prince, Electro, Industrial and Black Soul and Funk Music from the 70s until now.


(C) 2010. All copy, production and sync rights of this music, lyrics, records, website and design artwork are reserved and owned by Bernhard Mueller, D-51109 Cologne, Germany.
Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, and broadcasting of this record is prohibited.

Here you can hear 5 song samples

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Sept. 2011. One year on myspace, over 1.000 song plays, more than 1.600 friends all around the world.

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